Business Opportunities

As part of Wild Rose's Comprehensive Plan 2030, Wild Rose wants to combine a light industry and service-sector based economy with a tourism-based development strategy.

Wild Rose has an industrial park located south of town adjacent to State Highway 22.  Highway 22 runs through the center of the Village of Wild Rose and is a major north-south traffic carrier in the surrounding area.  The village's close proximity to recreational, vacationing, and hunting resources strengthens the local economy.

The Village owns one lot available for development at this site.  This industrial park is part of a TIF District.  Please contact our Village Clerk for more information at (920) 622-4183.

There are currently other light industry and retail-zoned sites on Main Street (STH 22) available through local retailers.  Our clerk can provide you with more information on zoning regarding these properties.

The Village of Wild Rose has 2 properties for sale, one adjacent to the new Roberts Park Boardwalk.  For details, please see our Village Clerk or call (920) 622-4183.